Tips & Tricks

Here's some helpful information and ideas that'll enhance the Andy Canes growing experience!

The bottom of my candy cane won't fit into the base, what do I do?

By nature of the candy cane manufacturing process, in rare circumstances, the bottom of your candy cane might be just a little too wide to fit into the hole of the base.  If that's the case, no worries, just run the bottom end of the candy cane under warm water until it dissolves enough to fit, then pat dry!  

Make sure you dissolve enough of the candy cane to keep it properly seated in the base, otherwise it might fall over!   

Should I put water on the Candy Cane pieces themselves?

No!  Water dissolves sugar, and the main ingredient in candy canes is sugar.  If your child puts water on the candy cane or candy cane pieces, they will ruin them.  Water should only be poured into the chamber itself.  Water will not hurt the crystal base structures.      

A small piece of candy cane got stuck in the base, what do I do?

Just rinse the hole with water, it will dissolve the candy cane piece and pop it right out!

I emptied my growing chamber, but the LED lights are still on?

The growing chamber must be completely emptied of water AND the cup bed has to be dry for the LEDs to turn off.  You may need to remove the growing chamber bed and support base, then dry the bottom of the cup with a paper towel.  Once completely dry, the LED lights should turn off.      

What if I forget to "assist" one night?

No problem!  You can be creative with this experience.  If you forget to "assist", just let your child know that growing anything takes time. 

You can also incorporate good and bad behavior with stages of growth.  Part of the Andy Canes experience is encouraging children to think of happy thoughts and to help others.  So maybe you might plan growth around positive things your child has done or said that day.  It's entirely up to you! 

Do I have to do this over a 7 night period?

No! You can customize the growth stages as you see fit!  See the second half of our "How It Works" page for an example of an overnight growth schedule.