Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in your Andy Canes™ Christmas Pack?

This is the starter kit, and includes everything needed for the Christmas Candy Cane growing experience.  This kit includes the book, sticker sheet, growing chamber, Sugar Seed and pouch, Magic Crystals and pouch, watering bottle, four crystal base structures, two exclusive Andy Canes sour white candy canes, and one traditional peppermint candy cane.   

Do I need the Christmas Pack to use the Easter, Halloween, and Birthday Expansion Packs?

Yes,  because the Expansion Packs do not include the four crystal base structures, growing chamber, or watering bottle, you will need to purchase the Christmas Pack for these items.  The Expansion Packs include a new story book, Sugar Seed and pouch, Magic Crystals and pouch, two Andy Canes sour white candy canes, and one specialty flavored candy cane.   Again, Expansion Packs DO NOT include the growing chamber, four crystal base structures, or watering bottle.   

Do the expansion packs have different flavored candy canes?

Yes!  Our Easter Expansion Pack has a Chocolate Mint flavored candy cane, our Halloween Expansion Pack has a Buttered Candy Corn (our favorite) flavored candy cane, and the Birthday Expansion pack has a special Birthday Celebration flavor.    

Does the Candy Cane actually grow?

Not exactly, the candy cane growth is simulated.  Please refer to our "How It Works" page for further information.

What is the age range for this product and is it safe?

This kit contains small pieces and could present a choking hazard.  This product is not intended for children under six (6) years of age.  Parental guidance is required when using this product.  This product contains flashing lights of varying speeds, intensity, and colors.  These lights could cause discomfort and trigger seizures for people with photosensitive conditions.  User discretion is required.

Are the Candy Canes edible?

 Yes!  The white "growing" candy cane pieces are made exclusively for Andy Canes.  They are 100% edible.  They have a sour taste, letting the children know the candy cane is not quite ready to eat yet.  

For the Christmas Pack, the red and white "fully grown" candy cane is a traditional, peppermint candy cane.   The Expansion Packs have specialty flavored candy canes. 

Nutrition Facts can be found on the products page. 

How long is the "growing" process?

The kit is designed to last 7 days.  But, you can customize the growth to be as long or as short as you want!  You control the stages!  

Are the crystal base structures edible.?

No, the crystal base structures are not edible.  Each kit includes 4 crystal base structures, which simulate the stages of growth.   

Who will enjoy this product?

If your child believes in Santa Claus and the magic of the Holiday Season, we feel they will love this product!

Does your product contain allergens?

While we try to ensure our products do not contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, or gluten, we can NOT guarantee there was no cross contamination during production. 

Nutrition Facts can be found on our products page. 

Do I have to use the candy canes that come with this product?

NO!  If your child has allergies, or you wish to use another flavor of candy cane, our base structures will fit most standard sized candy canes.

Will your base structures fit Old Time style / straight candy sticks?

Unfortunately not.  Most Old Time style / straight candy sticks are thicker than standard candy canes and will not fit into our base structures.  

Does your product have a patent?

We currently have a Provisional Patent pending on this product.

Is the Andy Canes story / logo / name protected?

Yes, the Andy Canes name and logo are protected by Trade name / Trademark.  The "Magical Story of Andy Canes" is also protected by Copyright.  

Is Andy Canes a real Elf?

Andy Canes™ is alive in the hearts and minds of every man, women, and child who believes in the spirit of helping others and wonders at the magic of the Holiday Season!